Best Price Guaranteed

Best Price Guaranteed

At Hotel La Familia Gallo Rojo we are committed to always offering you the best price online for our hotel.
If you find a lower online rate before booking, or up to 24 hours after doing so, we will respect that lower rate and match it to your booking.

Steps to follow:

Send us an email at indicating the following details:

  • Rate you have seen on our website or at which you have already booked (for the latter scenario you should also indicate your booking number).
  • Lower rate you have seen and the page you have seen it on. Remember this price should always be for the same type of room, dates, no. of guests, board plan and establishment, in addition to having identical cancellation, modification and prepayment conditions.
  • Attach a screenshot of the lower rate.

Our advisors will consider your case and get back to you as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions »

- Price guarantee claims may only be sent by the person who made the booking.
- The rate must be published on the internet and verifiable.
- In the event your "best price online" request is with regards a booking of several nights, this guarantee will be applicable to the final price for the whole stay and not to the partial price of certain nights.

 The best price online guarantee will not be applied in the following cases:
 - To unclear providers such as, or any others that do not provide the customer with information regarding rooms available, establishment name, hotel destination, etc. until payment is guaranteed.
 - To bookings with other providers made through portals such as voyageprivé.com,, GROUPON and similar.
 - To package rates. These rates include the hotel as a part of other services such as air travel, transfers, etc.
 - To unpublished rates such as corporate rates with discounts, group rates, meeting rates, etc.
 - To offline rates (traditional travel agencies)
 - To rates corresponding to pages that offer services payable by cheque.

Hotel La Familia Gallo Rojo reserves the right to deny the matching of a rate if the availability of the lower rate cannot be verified. The hotel also reserves the right to modify and cancel the terms and conditions that are in force for this guarantee.